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Sober Dating Coaching

Dating Coaching for the Recovery Community

For people recovering from alcohol, substance and other addictions, dating can feel overwhelming. For individuals struggling with the ambiguities of sex and love addiction and compulsive behavior, dating can often be a painful, discouraging endeavor. Perhaps you are an adult child of an alcoholic (ACA), adult child of a narcissist ACON) or other dysfunctional family system and grappling with co-dependency issues.

Dating is hard enough. Being bombarded with dating sites, apps and imagery real or imagined doesn’t help. Some of the things that make it so difficult for people in recovery are the integration of abstinence, sobriety and boundary setting in a world of instant gratification where sensory overload can often be the very thing that set up the addictive pattern to begin with. Everyone wants love in their life. The problem is that for many recovering addicts the original place where they learned how to relate was through role modeling from their dysfunctional family of origin. Low self-esteem, fear of rejection, abandonment and fear of taking risks can often be a by product.

At some point you want to connect and take that first step back into the dating world. Dating coaching is all the rage these days and with the plethora of coaches out there how do you choose? I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Addiction Specialist with over 20 years of experience currently offering dating coaching sessions for people who may be feeling anxious or ambivalent about dating or those who have been avoiding relationships all together. I can help you to form your own individualized dating plan offering boundary setting, supportive guidance and direction. With extensive background in recovery both personally and professionally, I am excited to offer these services short or long term. All sexual orientations welcome.

Please feel free to call and set up an initial appointment to get started with finding the the romantic relationship you desire. 415.242.9538. 

Ami Hartley is a San Francisco therapist serving the Inner Sunset/UCSF Community
specializing in relationships, addiction / recovery, co-dependency and ACA

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